Synergy Efficiency Solutions Rebrands to Inspire

Synergy Efficiency Solutions today announced the first complete redesign of their brand identity since the company was founded in 2008. Previously operating under the name Synergy Carbon, the company has created a new brand identity that reflects its standing as Asia Pacific’s foremost energy efficiency expert, offering leading-edge services that promote sustainable design and green building in the region.

Synergy Efficiency Solutions’ new brand identity serves not only to improve its visual presence, but also to highlight its success in offering a variety of sustainable solutions that create energy savings for Asia Pacific businesses. “Few other companies in the region have the technology, expertise, and financial partnerships that synergy efficiency solutions offers its clients,” says synergy efficiency solutions’ Founder and CEO, Steve Piro. “Synergy Efficiency Solutions has grown to become an international leader in Energy Audits and Building Performance Simulations, making it well equipped not only to help companies save money and remain competitive in the face of increasing energy prices, but also to use it’s influence to promote sustainable building funds that help remove financial burdens. The new SES brand was created in response to the evolution of our services, our market, and most importantly our clients’ needs.”

In recent years synergy efficiency solutions has had great success with their range of services and financing models. Their services have evolved to include energy audits, building performance simulations, ESCO financing, and LEED consultations. They’ve become well known as Indonesia’s national market leader, collecting awards for the outstanding energy performance of their buildings. One example is the campus of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, a structure that was voted most energy efficient building in Indonesia by the Ministry of Energy.

In order to offer its services to a broader market, Synergy Efficiency Solutions has gone beyond reimagining their identity and have announced a broader range of services, an increase in their team of highly specialized, internationally educated energy efficiency experts, and additional partnerships with organizations such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), who aide in the financing of energy efficiency solutions.

The new brand identity, along with its fresh website, logo, and direction, will be launched on June 04th.

ABOUT Synergy Efficiency Solutions

A leader in energy efficiency solutions, SES exists to encourage companies to save energy and money through energy audits and sustainable building designs. The energy efficiency experts at SES use cutting-edge technology and software to design the most effective energy solutions for each client. Through partnerships with international funds, SES is able to remove the financial burden of energy saving solutions, whereby the client pays for the services through the energy savings they achieve. SES specializes in Energy Audits, Building Performance Simulations, LEED Consultations, and ESCO Financing.