SES supports Apple Developer Academy students on energy-saving projects

Background on Apple Developer Academy

The Apple Developer Academy Program is a program developed for students who are eager to learn about how apps can have a positive impact on all levels of society. In this program, students create an iOS app based on real-world problems and business opportunities. The students are not only learning how to code, but also learning about new topics, project management, and various market strategies. Apple provides ongoing support for the students with 9-10 months of free classes, training, and Apple products. The first-ever Southeast Asia Apple Developer Academy Program opened last year in Indonesia via a partnership with BINUS University, and SES has provided support from the inception to the present day.

The Student’s challenge

This year’s topic at the Apple Academy was Energy Efficiency and how to develop an app that could benefit the public. Tasked with a mission of helping people understand and use energy more efficiently, the students developed an app that easily allows people to track, manage, and reduce their residential energy usage. 

SES’s Collaboration

Last week, the Apple Developer Academy students visited our office to discuss their progress. They had a long session with our CEO, Steve Piro, discussing the complexities of the market and challenges in making energy efficiency mainstream. The students had questions on strategies for marketing energy efficiency and fortunately, they met with Steve who was able to share his expertise on the Indonesian market and the challenges of market education and adoption

“Before we meet Steve, we had doubts about whether this project could be viable or not. He helped us realize that this project is not only feasible but serving a gap in the market,” said Marilyn.

Steve also explained to the students about the market environment and the characteristics that are unique to Indonesia. He helped the students define the problems and connect them with data sources that help make their product stronger. He gave them some inputs on where to focus their research, other organizations they can collaborate with, and ways to monetize the product. “To overcome energy issues, we need young minds. Their innovative and brilliant ideas can help us to solve world problems. I would help and support them in any way I can,” Steve said.